You Cannot Resist!

Gyroscopics demo at Science Centre Singapore

Science Circus is Physics taught with hilarity and dexterity.

Often compared to a Pixar movie, Science Circus blends mature science with kid savvy comedy to create a show the
Smithsonian Institution called, “wonderful.”

Science Circus - Students observe gravity’s constant acceleration through bowling ball juggling, gyroscopic stability through glass bowl spinning, centripetal force with cowboy lariats, center of balance atop a six-foot unicycle, and inertia with a classic tablecloth pull. Add more tricks, volunteers, and the irresistible force of levity and you’ll see why Science Circus has toured to Singapore, Trinidad and Abu Dhabi.  Wow! 

55 minutes of educational fun!

By popular demand, the sequel to Science Circus:

“Gollyology” - the study of tricks that make you say, “Golly!”

Rotation around center of mass is demonstrated with juggling clubs and Chinese flower sticks, balancing tips are generated using the scientific method, Chemistry and Archaeology are tapped to discover the best juggling ball in 4,000 years of circus history, gyroscopic stability is refined until 5 balls are spinning on five giggling kids and it all comes together when Rhys spins and juggles on a slackrope.  Zowie!

55 minutes of science shenanigans.

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Rhys Thomas teaches Physics using circus tricks!

The Smithsonian Institution

Science Centre Singapore

SciTechnoFest Trinidad

Grove Elementary

Milton Freewater, OR

Principal, A. C. Houghton

Irrigon, OR

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Skyline Elementary

Portland, OR

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